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EP2plus Voice

The EP2plus Voice not only helps ensure all students have safely disembarked the vehicle, it aids in driver training, peace of mind and can act as an after-hours safeguard – providing you with a safer and protected fleet.

About the EP2plus Voice

EP2plus Voice Child Passenger Safety Alarm

The EP2plus Voice System provides audible communications to both drivers and technicians.

Drivers can receive audible instructions when they need to interact with the system. For example, drivers will hear “please perform your child check now” when it is time to perform their post-trip inspection.

Technicians can receive diagnostic information to assist with installation troubleshooting. Example: “accessory on” is heard to confirm the accessory connection.

Like all of our systems, the EP2plus Voice is customizable in both hardware and software features and can be configured to operate according to your state, county, province or even operational requirements.

All of our EP2plus Systems have the option to accommodate;

  • an external speaker and/or;
  • a motion sensor and/or;
  • integration with a third-party GPS or camera device.

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EP2plus Addons

EP2plus Theft Mate
EP2plus Child Passenger Safety Alarm

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EP2plus RVT

Product Features

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use, simple to train
  • Child Check Function (reminds drivers to check for children at the end of each route)
  • Secondary Alert (horn will sound if child check is not complete)
  • Tone Instruction (unique tones that prompt drivers and indicate system status)
  • Customizable Programs (systems can be programmed to meet various custom requirements and state/county regulations)
  • Diagnostic Mode (facilitates installation and troubleshooting with the help of a technician)
  • Dome Lights (illuminate the interior of the vehicle during your child check) – optional
  • Voice Instructions (speaks audible instructions to drivers and technicians) – optional
  • Motion Sensor (constantly scans the bus checking movement after hours) – optional
  • Third-Party GPS Integration for real time insight on child check events (ex. Know if your driver doesn’t perform their child check) – optional
  • Unauthorized Entry Warning (if an motion was detected on the vehicle after hours, the next driver entering will be alerted) – optional

Buyers Guide

You can obtain the EP2plus Voice System:

  • From your local reseller
  • On new vehicles in the factory
  • From Child Check-Mate System directly

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