Child Check-Mate Systems


The EP1plus is a powerful cost-effective solution to help ensure that all children have safely disembarked the vehicle after each and every run.

About the EP1plus

EP1plus Child Passenger Safety Alarm

The EP1plus System can be installed on all types of vehicles, from passenger vans to yellow school buses. With 80+ different programs available, we are confident we have a solution that meets your state, county, province or even operational requirements.

This System is an enhanced version of our industry-leading EP1 System. We paid particular attention to assuring that this product would function seamlessly with over 350,000 Child Check-Mate Systems already equipped on fleets around the globe.

The EP1plus includes additional connections to allow for even greater flexibility. For example, operators may choose to leverage these connections to communicate system status via a LED indicator light; monitor the vehicle’s door(s), ignition ‘accessory’ position, or a variety of other vehicle sensors, systems or indicators.

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Product Features

  • Easy to install on all vehicle types
  • Simple to use, simple to train
  • Child Check Function (reminds drivers to check for children at the end of each route)
  • Secondary Alert (horn will sound if child check is not complete)
  • Tone Instruction (unique tones that prompt drivers and indicate system status)
  • Customizable Programs (systems can be programmed to meet various custom requirements and state/county regulations)
  • Dome Lights (illuminate the interior of the vehicle during your child check) – optional

Buyers Guide

You can obtain the EP1plus system:

  • From your local reseller
  • On new vehicles in the factory
  • From Child Check-Mate System directly

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