Child Check-Mate Systems

CM Series

The CM Series is powerful, advanced and was developed in collaboration with several School Bus Manufacturers.


CM1 Child Passenger Safety Alarm


CM3 Child Passenger Safety Alarm

The CM series includes the CM1 and the CM3. Both of which have the ability to hold multiple software iterations within a single unit. This allows large fleet operators and dealers to transfer vehicles across states with ease.

Designed specifically for factory installations, these units are sleek and are installed in the front bulkhead of the bus. These units boost all of the software features of the EPseries as well as accommodate built-in LEDs and the ability to hold up to 7 programs. In addition, the CM3 also accommodates its own built-in speaker that provides audible communications to the driver.

If you’re ordering new buses for the upcoming school year, ask your OEM about the CMseries by Child Check-Mate!

Product Features

  • Simple to use, simple to train
  • Child Check Function (reminds drivers to check for children at the end of each route)
  • Tone Instruction (unique tones that prompt drivers and indicate system status)
  • Customizable Programs (systems can be programmed to meet various custom requirements and state/county regulations)
  • Diagnostic Mode (facilitates installation and troubleshooting with the help of a technician) – CM3 only
  • Dome Lights (illuminate the interior of the vehicle during your child check) – optional
  • Secondary Alert (horn will sound if child check is not complete)
  • Voice Instructions (speaks audible instructions to drivers and technicians) – optional
  • Motion Sensor (constantly scans the bus checking movement after hours) – optional
  • Third-Party GPS Integration for real time insight on child check events (ex. Know if your driver doesn’t perform their child check) – optional
  • Unauthorized Entry Warning (if a motion was detected on the vehicle after hours, the next driver entering will be alerted) – optional

Buyers Guide

You can obtain the EP2plus system:

  • On new vehicles in the factory

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