Child Check-Mate Systems

EP2plus Theft-Mate

The EP2plus Theft-Mate not only helps ensure all students have safely disembarked the vehicle, it aids in driver training, peace of mind and can act as an after-hours safeguard – providing you with a safer and protected fleet.

About the EP2plus Theft-Mate

EP2plus Child Passenger Safety Alarm

The EP2plus Theft-Mate System is sophisticated, powerful and provides an additional set of eyes should the driver miss a child during their child check.

After the driver has left the vehicle, Child Check-Mate Systems unique Double-Check mode is activated for the first programmable interval (usually 1 hour). After this period, the Theft-Mate mode becomes active, monitoring the vehicle for unauthorized entry. 

All of our EP2plus Systems have the option to accommodate;

  • an external speaker and/or;
  • a motion sensor and/or;
  • integration with a third-party GPS or camera device.

Add-On these features to your existing EP2plus System or purchase your new system today!

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EP2plus RVT
EP2plus Voice
EP2plus Voice Child Passenger Safety Alarm

Product Features

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use, simple to train
  • Child Check Function (reminds drivers to check for children at the end of each route)
  • Tone Instruction (unique tones that prompt drivers and indicate system status)
  • Customizable Programs (systems can be programmed to meet various custom requirements and state/county regulations)
  • Diagnostic Mode (facilitates installation and troubleshooting with the help of a technician)
  • Dome Lights (illuminate the interior of the vehicle during your child check) – optional
  • Secondary Alert (horn will sound if child check is not complete)
  • Voice Instructions (speaks audible instructions to drivers and technicians) – optional
  • Motion Sensor (constantly scans the bus checking movement after hours) – optional
  • Third-Party GPS Integration for real time insight on child check events (ex. Know if your driver doesn’t perform their child check) – optional
  • Unauthorized Entry Warning (if an motion was detected on the vehicle after hours, the next driver entering will be alerted) – optional

Buyers Guide

You can obtain the EP2plus Theft-Mate System:

  • From your local reseller
  • On new vehicles in the factory
  • From Child Check-Mate System directly

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