For more than 21 years I was the V.P. Corporate Risk manager for the Laidlaw group. We operated over 38,000 school buses and my responsibilities included the training and safety practices of all our drivers and approving any safety devices to be added to the equipment.

Despite the most intensive training, we still had far too many instances of sleeping children being left on the buses. We had decided to utilize a device to make the drivers check the bus and upon researching all possible devices, we came upon your company. After exhaustive testing on 50 buses and comparing with alternate products, we arranged for Laidlaw to purchase and retro fit 38,000 buses with Child Check-Mate. Instances of sleeping children being left on buses immediately reduced by over 90%.

We found Child Check-Mate easy to install, reliable, required little to no maintenance and most importantly, it worked.

For the past four years I have been the president of The School Bus Safety Company and we created comprehensive training programs for school bus drivers and the safety programs for the students. We have over 2,700 school districts using our school bus driver training programs and 7 of the 8 largest contractors. In regular discussions with the safety leaders of these entities, we hear many compliments about your product and it is certainly the clear leader in this practice.

I have no hesitation in recommending your product.